Meet Troy

Troy’s company is growing.

It’s an exciting time, but also stressful. Every new order he gets represents opportunity, but he’s losing sleep wondering how he will find enough people to assemble, QA and pack and ship his product.

Troy called Primary Staffing. They were able to provide a pool of dependable labor, enabling him to meet customer deadlines without the risk of adding to his permanent team. Troy can continue to grow his company with confidence, knowing he will have access to the people he needs to take on any challenge.

Meet Samantha

Sam has been frustrated with the quality of available talent and the number of roles in her company that go unfilled.

This often requiring her staff to pick up the slack. Primary Staffing was able to provide her with a full range of candidates to choose from for her fulltime positions as well as access to a pool of talent to fill in when she was short-handed.

Samantha has been able to focus on her goals, the morale in her department has never been better and she booked her first real vacation in 3 years.