Dealing With The Boss: Easy Tips For Winning At Work

Getting along at work is essential for moving up and feeling good about your job. Jonathan Vehar, in his book “MANAGING YOUR BOSS”, talks about how to make this happen. No matter what your job is – driving a forklift, operating a machine, or loading and unloading goods – you’ve got a big role to play. And let’s be honest, sometimes working with the boss can be a challenge. That’s why at Primary Staffing we want to share this simple guide with all our team members on how to do just that and come out shining.

Know What Makes Your Boss Tick

Step one is figuring out how your boss talks and what they want. Let’s say you’re a forklift driver and your boss really cares about safety. Make sure you’re always safe on the job. Check your equipment and tell your boss right away if there’s a problem. This shows them you care about the same things they do. If you’re a machine operator and your boss wants things done fast, make sure you’re always meeting or beating those goals. Know your machine inside and out to keep things moving smoothly.

Talk Clearly with Your Boss

Communication – it’s more than just blabber. Talking to your boss is key. Let them know how your work is going and tell them about any problems. For example, if there’s a problem with a machine, report it fast and throw out some ideas for how to fix it. If you see a better way to get a job done, tell your boss. This shows them you’re thinking hard about your job and trying to make things better.

Become the Go-To Worker for Key Assignments

Be someone your boss can count on. Meet your deadlines and be ready to learn new things. If there’s a new machine, jump in and learn how to use it. If you’re a forklift driver, stick to your schedules and manage inventory well. If things are busy, offer to work extra. When you step up, people notice, especially the boss.

Take the Good with the Bad

If your boss gives you feedback, take it and use it to get better. If they say you need to be safer, make changes right away. If your boss says your work isn’t up to par, ask them to explain, and then make the changes needed. Ask questions, learn, and then nail it the next time. This shows your boss you listen and want to do a great job.

Give Feedback: Your Two Cents Matter

Giving feedback is also important. If a new rule or schedule isn’t working out, speak up respectfully. Find a cool way to chat with your boss about it. If the team feels something’s off, get together and come up with a solution. Then, take it to the boss. They’ll appreciate the teamwork and initiative.


• Stay Sharp! Learn the newest tricks of the trade. If there’s a new forklift model, be the first to learn all about it. It’ll make you stand out.
• Stay Ahead: Check your machines regularly. If something’s wearing out, flag it. Better to handle it now than have a big mess later.
• Team Up: Work well with your pals. Help each other out during those super busy times. It makes everything smoother.
• Stay Cool: Got an issue? Stay calm, talk it out, and sort it out without drama.
• Know Your Limits: Doing overtime is great, but don’t burn out. If you’re tired, it’s okay to ask for a break. Safety first!

So, there you have it! Simple, real-world tips to make your day-to-day work life better and boss-friendly. Get out there and rock that shift in your new assignment with Primary Staffing!

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